Why do tiny dogs (toy breeds) bark so much?


It’s never about the dog–it’s always about the owner.

Were the owners to act toward their dogs calmly and assertively, giving them feedback, rules, boundaries, and limitations, the dogs would shut up.

It’s not a characteristic of the dog’s size; it’s a characteristic of the owner’s poor or absent leadership.

Conversely, because the owners are not doing those things, the owner’s inaction is what’s triggering the dog’s motor programming to take over. It’s Nature, with a capital “N.”

Human assertiveness around dogs triggers canine submission. Absent the assertiveness, you get, in this case, barking, little, annoying, yapper dogs. 🙁


Dogs will Dominate, or be Dominated

The dog’s barking is their feedback to the owner that their human isn’t doing the right thing, and that the human needs to get in line and shape up, whatever that means in the dog’s mind–we don’t know what it means. The human doesn’t comply, the little dog keeps its Napoleonic attitude, and continues barking its displeasure at their human.

Meanwhile, others around the little yapper dog mistakenly think it’s something to do with the breed size. Since the human owner is clueless, they don’t change their behaviors, and so the dog keeps barking and, in most cases, typically continues on a path to becoming anxious, stressed, and unbalanced.


Barking is mild aggression

Barking to alert is one thing. Constant barking is an indication from a dog that, unfortunately, is likely to live its entire life unbalanced. How sad.


It’s Science. It’s Reproducible

Unfortunately, not many human owners seem to 1) know this, 2) care about it, nor 3) comply and actually do something about it.



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